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USA Triathlon Off-Road National Championship

Finchamp (Altadena, Calif.) posted a time of 2 hours, 57 minutes, 54 seconds to claim the overall women’s championship title on the 1,000-meter swim, 32-kilometer mountain bike and a 10-kilometer trail run course. Finchamp, an up-and-coming junior triathlete who already has a number of national and world titles to her name, also won the women’s 19-and-under division. Beata Wronska (Boyton Beach, Fla.) was the second amateur women’s finisher, claiming the 35-39 title in 3:12:29 and Alexandra Brook Pace (Tallahassee, Fla.), also in the 35-39 age group, was third overall in 3:13:14.
Age-Group National Champions
F35-39: Beata Wronska (Boynton Beach, Fla.), 3:12:29

Beata Wronska - Just Call her "B"

Beata Wronska, Just Call Her “B”
At the XTERRA East Championship in Richmond, for the third time this season, Beata Wronska was only one woman away from winning the women’s amateur title at an XTERRA race.  At the XTERRA East Championship that one woman was none other than reigning XTERRA World Champ Hannah Rae Finchamp, who was sixth overall behind only five female elites.
It was a breakout performance and a bit of redemption for Wronska, who just a year before in Richmond suffered a bad crash that resulted in a visit to the ER and “four staples in my head.”
We caught up with Beata, a Microsoft analyst by trade whose first name is semi-impossible to pronounce to the uninitiated, to get to know her a little better…
XTERRA: How do you pronounce your name?
Beata Wronska: I gave up a long time ago on anyone trying to pronounce my name right. I find it funny since in Poland, Beata is a very common name. Here it is unheard of and everyone just gives me this look and I know I would have to repeat it a few times before even anyone gets close. To simplify things I just tell friends to call me “B” … it makes it way easier and I love it!
XT: Where are you from originally?
BW: I am from the beautiful coastal city of Gdansk in Poland where my family still lives. It is a very green, smart and a history filled place and I feel very lucky that I grew up in such an amazing European culture.
XT: Where do you live now?
BW: Currently my husband Pax and I are living in South Florida.  It’s a year-round biker’s paradise here. Even though no one would ever think of the state as a mountain bike destination, we have here quite a few great technical courses and amazingly big and strong biking community.
XT: What is your sporting background?
BW: My sporting background is definitely not endurance based as anyone would be surprised to hear. I spent my life as a Professional Table Tennis player, top competitor and numerous medalist in my country and also tops in the USA. Even though it doesn’t make me faster in running or swimming I feel Table Tennis gives me those ninja reflexes while on the bike where the split second decisions are crucial!
XT: When did you find out about XTERRA?
BW: It was in 2008 after I injured my foot and stopped participating in my Table Tennis trainings and tournaments. This is where I was soul searching for what else in life was there that seemed ultra-exciting and challenging. It was a perfect time to try something new for a change. Little did I know it would become my new passion and way of life…
XT: When was your first XTERRA?
BW: Luckily for me while searching for my first triathlon I stumbled upon XTERRA Miami which was happening locally and gave me two months to prepare. My eyes lit up when I saw you can actually race a triathlon on the dirt! I was all in! I was so intimidated during my first ever packet pickup and start of the race. But when I started making passes on the bike course I started feeling really good. I never smiled more in 2.5 hours before that and suffered that much at the same time. I gave a big smile and a big wave to every single volunteer I was just so happy to be part of it. The race was almost as insane as our Richmond, which is a challenging terrain and numerous water crossings on the run course. I had a blast and placed 2nd in my Age Group in the Sprint distance.
XT: What do you like about it?
BW: I love everything about it. All the different elements combined together makes you feel like you are experiencing a new city, course, destination in a way no postcard picture can describe. I call it “tigering it”. It’s like you see this gorgeous full moon and you just want to bite it! But now the course is your moon and you actually can do it! You submerge yourself in it, dig in with you tires, and feel it under your feet. The pain, the dirt, the scenery, the cheering, the pounding of your heart…there’s no better way to experience life!
XT: Richmond experience last year vs. this year?
BW: The difference is like night and day especially for me. Last year tropical front flooded the race site and changed the race to a duathlon with the bike course being very wet. I was speeding down the trails with a great chance of a victory in my group. Unfortunately my bike lost traction on one slippery downhill and sent me head first into the side of a under-bridge wall and rocks. I ended up in the ER with a concussion and fours staples in my head. It was the only race for me that I was not able to finish. It was a long year to wait to come back here and redeem myself on the same course and also after some pre-race rain. I was apprehensive at first but with time got comfort on those amazing trails. After an action packed race I did come out with my best result yet and managed to win my Age Group and place 2nd Overall for amateur women. And this time around XTERRA East doubled as the USAT Off-Road Nationals. I’m very proud to have this title!
(Editor’s Note: Read her race reports from 2013 vs. 2014)
XT: When did you get this fast?
BW: Ha! Not overnight for sure. Everything takes time. Love for the sport however and commitment keeps me inspired to train and improve.
XT: Goals for this season?
BW: My main goal is XTERRA Worlds in Maui and a podium there is definitely on my wish list for this season. Would love to be also part of the ITU Cross Tri Worlds in Germany…
XT: XTERRA results this year?
BW: Key Biscayne – 1st AG, 2nd Overall; Ft. Yargo – 2nd AG, 2nd Overall; Alabama – 2nd AG, 6th Overall; Richmond – 1st AG, 2nd Overall
XT: When, where do you train?
BW: Since I am working full time and spending nearly 45 hours a week, 13 hour long days at a desk, this gives me only a very little time to train. I have 3 days per week to squeeze all my training in and every little part of that day and decisions I make determines my progress. Being time bond I don’t have time to train in professional clubs or swim in any swimming centers. All my training is being done on my own around my home in South Florida. Thankfully here I can train year round; however weather can get out of the control and be quite extreme often not making things easier in any way. I would love be able one day to commit all my time to training and racing and see where it takes me…
XT: Favorite XTERRA course?
BW: It has to be XTERRA Richmond for its amazing urban setting and unpredictable, challenging and ridiculously fun course and amazing crowd. But I also love the Alabama course for its peacefulness and just a perfect overall setting. And XTERRA Miami is my local favorite and sits deeply in my heart.
XT: Anything else?
BW:  I just wanted to tell everyone that has a passion for this amazing sport to don’t give up. If I can do it with a full time job and still enjoy life and have success than anyone can. I never even dreamed of getting where I am when I started. I did it simply for love for the sport, just like I did for my table tennis career. But all of it would not happen if not for the local racing and local directors who have put those fun events on the map, since those races is what got me to the sport in the first place.  And of course the local heroes, those are the ones that inspired me to keep pushing and dreaming bigger.
The most important person here that I have to thank however is my husband (Pax Tolosi) who dedicates his time and his heart to allowing my dreams to continue.  Secondly, huge thanks to all my amazing friends and sponsors for always supporting and believing at me. It takes more than a village but it’s all worth it. XTERRA is a fascinating sport and those who are part of it are amazing beings. I always look forward to the next race to see all those incredible people.

XTERRA America Tour Back in Action

Friday, February 14, 2014

The first XTERRA Points Series race of 2014 is Sunday at Key Biscayne, Florida - an island town in the Atlantic Ocean just south of Miami Beach.
Unlike most of the southern states that are literally freezing right now, it’s in the mid-70s and “just beautiful” in Key Biscayne, said event organizer James Caballero.
Brent Bieshaar Key Biscayne“It's going to be a bit hot during the bike and run, but the water crossing on the run will cool them down,” said Caballero of his signature obstacle feature on the course.
"I couldn't believe it," explained Brent Bieshaar (pictured with Caballero before last year's race).  "About halfway into the run we came to a lagoon, and the only way to get to the other side was to swim.   I’m familiar with water crossings where you have wade through, but have never had to actually get down and swim with running shoes, visor and glasses on. It was a pretty cool feature."
This is the second year Caballero has hosted XTERRA Key Biscayne, which drew rave reviews from participants (see video here: )
Beata WronskaXTERRA age-group standout Beata Wronska (pictured below courtesy Pax Tolosi), who won her division and placed fourth overall among women called it a "Fast paced race in a super cool venue" and wrote a great race review on her blog.
“I loved putting together this race.  I have participated in many triathlons so I know what people like and what they want to see in a course.  The entire location here is amazing, and so fun to see everyone running along the beach.”
Some of those racers running along the beach will have come from as far away as Canada, New York, California, Alabama, and elsewhere, said Caballero.  “I certainly think it’s a destination race, especially if you’ve never been out on the island before.”
Participants will get treated to the Virginia Key mountain bike trails – lauded by locals and visitors alike as one of the ‘most fun’ parks to ride in the state with great views of Fisher Island and Downtown Miami along the route.  Caballero is also giving out tri tops and Compressport visors to competitors.
“I do this so racers remember this one.  I’m giving a really nice medal to all finishers plus acrylic awards to all age groupers. My intention is to make XTERRA Key Biscayne a very attractive race to participate in year-after-year,” said Caballero.
Learn more and register at

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Mother Nature, Your Toughest Competitor

Friday, March 29, 2013

It’s well documented that in XTERRA, Mother Nature is your toughest competitor.  Look no further than the opening weekend of the XTERRA America Tour to find several stellar examples of this statement.

At XTERRA Miami they didn't have much to complain about regarding the weather, except that it was perhaps "too hot" with a high right at 90-degrees.  Diego Corredor and Jen Moos were the ones on fire, winning the men's and women's races.
Jenn Moos, 30  2:17:20
Beata Wronska, 38  2:30:39
Melissa Scott, 43  2:35:15

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Middle Story about Garden of Life's Sponsored
Athletes in Extraordinary Health
Middle Story about Garden of Life's Sponsored
Athletes in Extraordinary Health

Middle Story about Garden of Life's Sponsored Athletes in Extraordinary Health

KT Tape Video

Video of Amelia Race for Gone Riding
By Brian Pace

Samuel Mejia hammers out a holeshot and a win at Amelia!
2012-2013 CC series #4 - Amelia Earheart Park - Hialeah, FL, 1/19-20/13: Another perfect weekend in South Florida with temperatures in the 70's & 80's and lots of sunshine. The fourth round also had an individual time trial bonus on Saturday to spice things up. The TT course was a little shorter and faster than Sundays course and it was Bob McCarty taking the overall best time with a 15:51 lap, Beata Wronska took the top female lap with a 19:22 time. Sunday the race kicked off with a good turnout in the kids field and then at 9:30am the yellow wave took the stage with again Bob McCarty taking the top male spot and Jennifer Moos claimed the top female position. The Amelia trail crew had the course worked up to perfection as always and a rain on Saturday morning helped pack the trail even more. Sun Cycling Center handed out over $2000 in prizes to the medalists, many thanks.

Front Page of Miami Sports Magazine Sept/Oct 2011

New VIS 360 RUN Road Test

Since I am an off-road runner/bike (racer) I do most of my training on the trails. I simply love dirt and nature so much but not everyone is willing to bike or run through mosquito infested swamps want to see an alligator crossing their path! Occasionally I too end up running in an urban setting. This is where the new L&M VIS 360 RUN comes into play. It is similar to my Solite 250EX with subtle differences like amber side lights in the front light and a rear red light with additional amber side markers that doubles as a battery pack.
The wide look of the red light on the back of the head strap makes you think that this light might be heavy for its mighty rear red light but in fact the weight is only 130 grams! The lamp sits amazingly snug and secure on the head and you hardly notice that you are geared up like a little Star Trekker, with the front white light, small amber side lights and red rear light.
856-0551_Vis360Run_1The VIS 360 RUN is definitely a head turner and can put a nice smile on your neighbors’ faces just like it did for mine. But when you are running through the neighborhood or running at a busy intersection in the dark alone; the extra 360 degree attention for drivers, bicycles and other pedestrians is a good thing! The adjustable front light is perfect so no matter how big or small you may be, you can aim the ratcheted head where you need it and select from 2 levels of intensity or pulse.
Happy running!
P.S. The VIS 360 RUN can also be mounted to your bike for those Urban rides!

There Was a Creepy Clown Statue Deep Inside Oleta River Park

By Beata Wronska
By the time we were ready to go it was less than an hour to sun down  - sound familiar
I really felt like biking that evening no matter what. We grabbed all the lights we had the Secas, Taz, and the Solite 250 EX and strapped them on the bars and helmet – we were set. We jumped on the bikes and started cruising on the beautiful gravel path in the middle of the most northern part of the Florida Everglades.
When I ride in the daylight I see so many unbelievable creatures here, from alligators, bobcats, deer, wild hogs, hawks, ospreys, I could go on. All of it while surrounded by wind, sun, and grassland with never ending views far into the setting sun.  I bike here in the scorching heat of the Florida sun or to the summer thunderstorms trying to bike as hard as I can to get out of the angry clouds while covered in sand and drained by rain…
This time we headed into the setting sun and into the dark and oh man, it was so different, peaceful and quiet. Just less than 30 minutes into our ride we were in complete darkness. It crossed our minds to cut the ride short since the whole loop was 20 miles long and takes us far away from the park entry, but everything just felt so good. We had so much amazing light coming out from our bikes that we felt safe and comfortable.
Half way through the ride we had a helicopter right above shooting a beam of light at us, just a little more powerful than the Seca 2000, we waved at it and kept on going.
With the helicopter gone we were back to the sound of the gravel under the tires, humming wind and your own breath. The ride was so amazingly pleasant that we kept on going and ended up doing the whole loop and came back with a stellar time.  I’m so happy we got out and rode that night. It was something that would be tough to forget. To be honest I can’t wait to get out and do it all over again…
Beata Wronska is a Cat 1 Mountain Biker and an Xterra Triathlete. She rides for Bike Tech Miami and races all over Florida and the country. Her dream race is going back to the Xterra World Championship in Maui, Hi.

2012 XTERRA World Championship



2013 XTERRA USA Championship 

2013 XTERRA USA Championship full

2014 USA Triathlon Nationals/XTERRA East - Richmond, VA - Highlight


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