Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Amelia 369 Endurance Race

Battle came down to the milliseconds at the end of a 3 hour race. Great race today at the Goneriding Amelia 369 MTB race. 2nd place today but very happy of how I performed. Looking forward to a great season this year.


Monday, January 18, 2016

10k XTERRA Trail Run at Virginia Keys

1st Place Overall

XTERRA Trail Run

If someone thought that anything about an XTERRA full blown triathlon or trail run is easy, think again.

It doesn’t mean of course it is not fun. I am sure for all of those that are used to pound the pavement for most of their lives it would be a refreshing change and possibly a welcoming new challenge and nature get away. In the race even though the group was not huge, it was still competitive. Lots of funny things happened and the top guys took off like greyhounds after the rabbit right off the gate.

We ran through all the bike trails that were going to be raced on in the bike race the following day. It was for sure a challenge. We started with standing water crossings and then proceeded into the bike trails which as we know are very challenging nowadays, with lots of man-made obstacles and ever changing elevation and terrain. Like you can see I was chased by two racers from the start to the finish, we kept each other motivated, fast and didn’t let go of the gas until we crossed the finish line.

I was very happy and quite surprised to finish 1st overall female and 1st overall men and women.

And of course I could not have finished the day without biking right after on the same course…

My Pax was all over the place taking beautiful pictures so we can all enjoy and understand what is hiding in this little bike park at Key Biscayne called Virginia Keys.