Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dyer Park Duathlon

Dyer Park Duathlon – organized by FORCE (Florida Off-Road Cycling Enthusiasts)

It was a fun day in the park for sure. We are used to coming here to ride our favorite hill and hit some tight single track but actually to race duathlon it was a new one.

Trails here are not so easy to be kept up with, especially with hot Floridian summers where the torrential rains are the first to get on the mount and try to wash all this amazing and hard work down in the matter of minutes.

Thanks to the FORCE crew you could not even tell that it ever rains here at all, the hill was just perfect, fast, flowy, smooth and with really beautiful and well packed berms.

It was great to see the race to take place to support all this work and our trails.

Huge array of dirt loving people did show up, the fitness level and age did not matter at all.

We had great blend of super young athletes flying side by side by well experienced racers. It was great to see that love for off -road environment and engagement of everyone that joined.

It was not an easy one, it was pretty hot and humid so everyone who tackled this run/bike/run through the gravel road, single track and the hill and eventually finished deserves huge congratulations.
It was a challenge for sure for all of us!

Here are some pictures that my Pax took from that day.

Thanks to organizers, volunteers and all who decided to spend this beautiful morning in our local park!

Hope to see you all soon again…