Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tsunami Warning for Hawaii the night of the race...

Tsunami Warning for Hawaii the night of the race...

Wow. I just got back to the condo on the cliff after amazing Night of Champions Dinner for 17th Xterra World Championship and we put TV on and found out there was an earth quake in Canada at 7.7 Richter scale and Tsunami is coming our way!
We are on the North East site of Maui, we have less than two hours to Tsunami to reach us, there are expected 6 feet of few hours long surges.
And I was just worrying about my race and my swim in the morning tomorrow and now we got Tsunami and we are stuck on the eadge of the water on the little island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.


  1. Hi I cant find out how you did. Did it cancel?

    Email me. Michele

  2. Ok just got your stats on my phone. Great job!!
    How do you feel? You must be so proud!



    1. Thank you Michele! I feel very good and very sore! I had a great race!