Friday, November 28, 2014

Morning ride with Louis Garneau

Morning ride with Louis Garneau

It was cool, windy and really mostly beautiful day for a nice ride with a group of fast riders.
Such an honor to ride with Louis Garneau himself and Garneau Florida.
We put some serious miles in and I did everything I could to hang for as long as possible on my mountain bike. I'm sure it would be an even better experience on a road bike but unfortunately I do not have one... Thank you for welcoming me and treating me as I belonged. Especially Thanks to Andrea from Canada for pulling me in and keeping me company on this adventure!
And of course a huge Thank You to LG for supporting me in my colorful 2014 season.

Louis Garneau, Garneau Florida and I at the beautiful Deerfield Beach

Initial miles of our ride. Still hanging in there...

Louis enjoying the ride and acknowledging my Pax

All in line with breathtaking backdrop of the ocean...

While we biked we had my Pax in our "Team Car" following us and taking pictures. We always made sure to wave and send a smile. Thank you mucha for being there, chasing us around, making us feel so important and for all the beautiful pictures!

And we did another morning ride...


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