Thursday, February 26, 2015

Marc Pro

I currently use and love my Marc Pro Plus after every training or race. It is used for Pain Relief, Muscle Recovery, Electrical Muscle Stimulation.

If you wanted to get your own you can use code "Beata" and get a discount on your own so you can start recovery quicker and easier.

Everything you know about recovery is wrong – ice doesn’t help, it may actually hurt, compression and massage may be the right idea, but an inefficient way to get it done, your Monday recovery ride is just right, but 24hours too late. This is the world according to MarcPro, and if they are right, it will change everything.

MarcPro has a solution. Their unit stimulates muscles with small electrical pulses delivered from reusable electrodes. The muscle stimulation creates no fatigue within the muscle, does not require any aerobic effort and after the initial shock of having your muscles seemingly grow a mind of their own, the effect is quite relaxing. Recent studies have not only shown that electrical stimulation for recovery works, it may actually be a cue to tell your body to create more capillaries. This not only turbo-charges recovery further, it allows the muscle to do more work in the first place.

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