Monday, May 4, 2015

Great time meeting my supporters in Sea Otter Classic

It was truly a great time meeting my supporters at Sea Otter Classic.

I met all those incredible people throughout my growing passion for bike racing.

One by one, every story is so different but every story leads to the same place, amazing.

For example Kenny from Syntace and Dewit from Squirt were the first two who decided to give me a shot when I was just a Cat 3 racer with big dreams and even bigger passions for riding. Most of the people and companies on these pictures are my Super Heroes or Dream Companies that I always wanted badly to work with. Dan Hugo with Specialized I followed while racing in my major XTERRA events, Rebecca Rush always had been this most amazing icon of perseverance. LG is so much more than just another race kit for me, it’s something I always loved and believed in. Best chains, best lights, best bottom brackets and bearings, best bikes, rims, best stems and handlebars, best brakes, tires, grips, Q-rings, cranks, chain lube, bike racks, bike bag, saddles, nutrition. The list goes on.

But it’s not all just about the bike being the most amusing that it can be, it’s about me believing that it is built exactly the way I wanted it to be, the way I know it will perform best and keep me full of trust in it. The whole fairy tale is that all those little parts hold some special people with different stories behind them and come together to create something really great. They become way more for me than just supporters, they become my advisers, listeners and my friends. They are there when I need them and I am proudly representing them every day I head out the door for another bike adventure.

I truly thank you all for being here with me and sharing my journey…

Dan Hugo from Specialized

Vincent and Edouard from Louis Garneau

Edouard from Louis Garneau

Kenny from Syntace

Kenny from Syntace

Kenny from Syntace

Christie from Rotor

Rotor Bike Components

Matt from Magura

Matt from Magura

World Champ Ruthie from Magura

Heidi from Light and Motion

Bentley from KMC Chains

Jeff from Schwalbe Tires

Ken from Xpedo

Danie from Squirt Lube
Squirt Lube

Cameron and Kervin from EVOC

Bob from Notubes

Somewhere on the trails taking pictures George from Clif

"Queen of Pain" Rebecca who represented Specialized for many years

Kuat Racks
Kuat Racks

Gary from ESI Grips

Alessandro from

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