Thursday, June 2, 2016

Southeast Championships of XTERRA - Pelham, AL

XTERRA SOUTHEAST, 4th stop of Pan American series. 2nd place AG, 11th Overall including Pro's. 6th best bike split with Pro's. It was wonderful to actually compete in this great event after the scare I had on my preride. I was sent so high in the air on my bike and landed 10 feet further on the side of the hill, first hitting my elbow and knee and loosing almost completely feeling in my fingers and not having any grip strength. For the longest time I was certain I would not be able to race, but things started improving slightly. Despite the pain, the spasming of my whole arm I decided to still race and pulled some great times. The course was so perfect this time around and since the over predicted crazy rain never showed in the expected amounts. Truly a brilliant place to race... It was also great to see all my friends and fellow racers. As usual I had so much fun at Oak Mountain!

More soon...

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