Monday, June 25, 2018

Removu K1

Removu K1

Capture your life like a movie!
Capture it in stunning 4K video
Film yourself easily with ‘Selfie’ mode

At Sea Otter Classic in beautiful Monterey California I had an opportunity to open up brand new K1 unit that I just received and pretty much right from the box start taking awesome videos.
In matter of few minutes I was able to learn how to operate it. It was fun. K1 went with me all around the expo area with over 400 vendors. I was able to use normal and selfie mode and keep flipping in between so everyone can see that I am taking part of the experience.
I had fun recording some pro racing action as well as capturing really stunning videos of the ridiculously beautiful landscape of the rugged west coast.

Shortly I will be putting some videos together for all of you to enjoy.

Nowadays I do not travel without it!

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