Saturday, January 19, 2013

Coconut Cup #4 Amelia Earhart

Individual Time Trial Saturday - Fastest Female Split - 19:22, 4.5 Miles, 13.94 MPH Average, 25.0 MPH Max Speed.

First race with the new components from Syntace. 
Strong. Light. Smart. and now Fast. 

Spending the whole week with the flu is not fun. Spending it mostly at work and then when you get home feel so weak that you can’t even think about training since you are barley moving is definitely not fun at all.

But having to race the same weekend two days in a row is just totally insane.

It’s what I told myself and thought it would be quite wise to just simply stay home and try to get better.

Friday I finally started to move around again and was so happy that I could do a few little jumps around on my peaceful walk in the park with my husband. That’s all, it was my preparation for this week. Like you see we packed the bikes and went Saturday to preview the course and to have an attempt at the Time Trail.

I’m not sure what happened, because beside all the weakness accumulated in my body, when the time clock was started on me I jetted out full speed. I was flying, I was suffering, but I was flying, I felt fast and I was fast. There was this weird feeling of exhaustion but also a pleasure to be able to tackle the course at a really cool speed. I didn’t expect any miracles from this attempt I just knew that whatever I did it felt pretty good. I think my husband was even quite surprised when he saw me on the trails. After crossing the finish line and waiting a little while I realized I was quite faster from the girls in my class. What I didn’t know is that I actually clocked the fastest time for the day for all the girls running it from all the classes. It was a really cool thing to happen.


Here is a moral to the story: You just never know what the day is going to bring to you.  You need to get out and find that out yourself. If you don’t, you will never know what is there…

This was only day one however with only a short 4.5 mile track to worry about.

Sunday however had a 3 lap full course waiting for me with 21 miles of riding and this definitely threw some concerns.

I could not be any weaker on race day. I set down on my beautiful green “champion’s chair” and I just could not move. I had zero energy in my body and thinking even about moving my hand was not fun, what about a full blown race. I was afraid of riding so much and pushing myself through a weakened by the sickness body.

To my disappointment on the one side and to the kind force on the other, most of my competition was just not there. Race director joked around saying that we had to of “scare the rest of the girls away”. Not having a full field of ladies hungry for the victory allowed me to pace myself, ride conservatively and bring up a notch only when necessary. I can’t even explain how grateful I was for this coincidence, since usually this race site brings the most competitive characters to the start line.

So besides all the suffering with the flu it was a good weekend for me after all.

Video of Time Trial and Race

XC Race - 1st Place.

Another awesome picture by Humberto Maquilon!

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