Saturday, January 26, 2013

Xterra 2012 World Championships Video

I just finished watching the video with my best friends and competitors at the 2012 Xterra World Championship, Melissa Scott and Jennifer Moos, and with my husband Pax and Jennifer’s boyfriend Tom. We all trained together to get ready for the big event, we all went to Maui and had an amazing time and of course raced there.
Today however we set down and spent an incredible evening all together to share this moment once again now on the big screen.
It was awesome to see the race from a different perspective and it is just quite amazing to look at the movie and be able to say, “I did it” and to remember every little part of the course.
The end of the show was very emotional for me and it felt like I was reliving it all over again.
And yes, it made me cry…
I remember a year ago watching the 2011 World Championship of Xterra when I told my husband that one day I will be racing in that event. He looked at me and giggled, not thinking I was serious with my statement, but become supportive from there on.
Only one year later not only did I race in that event, but I placed 9th in my Age Group in the World, and also now I see myself in the 2012 Xterra World Championships video which is airing all over the country…
This makes me happy for many reasons. First of all, I dreamed something out and I made it happen. I shared every little step of this amazing journey not only with my husband who was always by my side but also with a few incredible friends that made it there also and were able to see and feel everything that I did. All of it made the whole experience even more powerful. All I can say to everyone out there is to    NEVER STOP DREAMING…
Here is a little clip from the video.

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